Back to your nature...

The White Swallow

The White Swallow

In Dutch, "De Witte Zwaluw" (The White Swallow) is a spiritual (natural) place where you are invited to return to nature, your nature, your core, your mission, your soul path.

terug naar je natuur Retraite 13 dagen - De Witte Zwaluw


From silent retreats to fully transformative journeys. In Finland, we work with nature, back to your nature.
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Spiritual Camping

Camping in the heart of Finnish nature. With a spiritual touch if desired, or completely free into nature.

Our Mission

We are committed to using our extensive knowledge to guide you on an organic journey back to your core. We will work with you to explore and address any blockages or pain points you may be experiencing. Our retreats are designed to go deep, and we will support you every step of the way while you make your own personal journey.

In addition to our “back to your nature” retreats, we also offer retreats for women, men, and couples. We also offer silent retreats and retreats that focus on learning to heal with nature. Our retreats incorporate a variety of modalities, including meditation, shamanic visualizations, hypnotherapy, regression therapy, energetic therapy, and systemic work.

Returning to nature means:

  • Outdoor showers
  • Composting toilet
  • Living off the land

We understand that when you’re working hard on yourself, it’s important to get a good night’s sleep and eat well. That’s why we provide you with a comfortable camp bed, all meals, and bed linens and towels.

We also offer small-scale (spiritual) camping. This is another opportunity to connect with your core and return to nature.

Client Reviews

"What an amazing weekend at Desiree Bruins Slot and Raymond Bruins Slot of De Witte Zwaluw! #inspiration, #insights and so much more. Who's joining us next weekend?"
“Desiree and Raymond are amazing facilitators. In addition to the challenging sessions, there was plenty of time for relaxation. The sauna alone would make me want to come back!”

About Us

We are Desiree and Raymond Bruins Slot and we welcome you to our beautiful estate to (spiritually) camp or to follow a beautiful retreat at De Witte Zwaluw.

Desiree is an energetic therapist, hypnotherapist and regression therapist, systemic coach and shamanic practitioner. She has followed trainings in breathwork, quantum touch and is currently deepening her knowledge of the elements. After 15 years in education, she started her own practice in 2023. She also teaches (in-service) trainings.

Raymond is a trance therapist, animal communicator and is currently following a shamanic training.

Together, Desiree and Raymond have a wealth of knowledge and experience to help and guide others in their process. They work in an accessible or in-depth way, always tailored and organic. The human being is central, with everything he or she is and brings.

Take a look at our programs and find something that suits you!